Understanding Studioline Photo Basic

Studioline Photo Basic is a complete organizing and managing solution for your photos and images. The software also provides certain photo editing and sharing features.

Image Management

Studioline Photo Basic enables you to directly import photos from a digital camera, scanner or hard drive. The photos can then be quickly organized in a database according to categories, special keywords and descriptions assigned by you through a "Click and Tag" feature. The view of photos from the Timeline is automatically organized date-wise. The software also has a filter for image archiving which can find photos very quickly.

Photo Editing

Studioline Photo Basic has a host of photo editing features including the usual ones for correcting red-eye, exposure and cropping. Advanced features include:

  • Adjustment of tone which intuitively corrects the white balance.
  • Luminescence control by adjusting gradation curves of each channel of color.
  • Direct editing of photos which have a RAW format.
  • A thorough analysis of your photo with a histogram having 18 different views.

The software keeps a record of all the different edits performed and keeps the original photo untouched in a separate archive. This gives you a lot of freedom over your editing workflow as you know the originals are safe.


Photo Basic offers simple solutions for photo sharing by which you can make attachments which are optimized for emails. It also offers publishing features by which you can make a web gallery.  


You have several printing options by which you can create cards, covers for CDs, greeting cards, album pages and also calendars.