Understanding Movie Edit Pro

The following article focuses on the Movie Edit Pro software suite and is a guide to get you up to speed with the software.

Launching Movie Edit Pro

You can launch the program by selecting the associated application shortcut from the programs menu. You will be presented by a splash screen that presents options for recording, importing files, CD/DVD copying and the Media Center.


You can use this area to capture multiple audio and video files to the hard drive. You will be able to connect multiple types of recorders (digital and analog) for this purpose. This also includes TV, VHS and DVD players.


The editing area of the Movie Edit Pro is the main stage area where almost everything takes place. The media pool is located in the upper right hand corner. You can use it to navigate for media files on the computer and use those files in your projects. The demo folder lists and displays the completed demo files for the software. You can play any project in the timeline using the controls on screen. Also, you may use the keyboard shortcuts – J, K and L keys to control the playback. The view may be switched to full screen using the control on top of the view area. Additionally, you can play back from any point in the time line and use area markers for this purpose.


The top right hand corner lets you switch to the burn mode and burn your movies and projects onto CDs and DVDs. You can also select any suitable template to setup the start menu for the DVD from the bottom of the screen. The burn menu allows you access to the file burning and media selection options of the software suite.