Understanding iCUII

iCUII is state of the art video chat software that offers a great user-friendly look and interface. The software is very simple, easy and fast, with features like video phone, chatting and live video. Here are the basic features of this software and how it can be used.

Speedy Messages

iCUII gives you the option to send pictures, video, audio and data files in one quick message. If you like to have control over the pictures and videos being sent, then you can have that too. Also, the interface allows recording and re-recording of video files, along with links to parts of the video before sending them. You have the power to reject unwanted messages and users. If you don't remember a previous chat, the 'Message History' will help you with the information sent or received. You can read and view messages any time, both online and offline.

Video Calling

You can stream live video, video with voice calling (private) to call and receive calls from other users. You have control over the calls, with the power to either take, ignore or block calls from other users.

Chat Lobby

Chat lobby is a place where you can make new friends, and the features make it even more interesting. Here, you can access something called 'Instant live shots', meaning you can send a snap shot with every text message. iCUII also allows you to speak to everyone in the lobby and also enable music. You get to have a conference call with more than 100 viewers at a time. It could be a great tool for people wanting to teach or learn remotely.