Understanding HDV Editing in Ulead products

With the world set to embrace High Definition Video (HDV), Ulead has placed itself in a position to provide HDV Editing software to consumers so that they may achieve the best quality results out of their videos. Ulead, a subsidiary of Corel, provides media authoring and editing solutions that work on any digital platform available today. With ever increasing sales of hardware that capture media in high definition (HD), the need for software applications to cater to such devices is becoming increasingly important.

About the Editing of Videos

Ulead now gives you the power to capture, edit, and apply filters and transitions to high definition quality video clips, just as you would do with any prevalent standard definition video clips using Corel or other video editing applications. Ulead HDV editing solutions have been able to do so through the development of an application that can work with HDV1080i quality videos. With this application, you can also output your final edited video in SD, HD or WMV-HD formats to share or store on DVD and Blue Ray discs.

Why Is ULead Better?

Ulead targets regular consumers who are very conscience about the picture quality of their videos. Ulead also captures film clips from your HD camcorders and other devices without converting them to any intermediate codec. This allows the software to work faster than other applications and minimizes data loss in file conversion and transfers.

Another bonus of using Ulead HDV editing applications is that it allows you to mix and match HDV quality clips with SD video quality clips in the same timeline. It also allows you to encode the final version of your film onto any video format of your choice.