Understanding DxO's Image Master's Service

DxO Image Masters brings together some of the work of 23 photographers from around the world. This is a showcase that exhibits the work of well known and rising photographers and shares their thoughts on digital photography and their DxO Optics Pro experience.

The Showcase

The Image Masters showcase displays the image which was originally shot by the photographer and then the same image enhanced by DxO Optics Pro. Each photographer has the set of his images displayed in smaller size on the left, and you need to click on it to view the full version on the right. The bio-data of each photographer can be viewed, and there is also a link to their website if you want to follow certain discussions on the images or the use of DxO Optics Pro. Some of the photographers have discussed their workflow with the software and have stated how Optics Pro has been able to get what they wanted to represent with their original photo.

Image Masters

DxO is welcoming all good photographers to add to their showcase of talents and any potential candidate has a chance of becoming a member of the Image Masters list. Most of the photographers on Image Masters have found DxO Optics Pro to automatically correct shortcomings in an image which are caused by the lens or the settings on the camera. Each photographer has given the full details of the equipment he uses and the usual settings.