Understanding Cinestream Editing for Video

Cinestream is the complete package if you are looking for video editing software that allows you to capture source video from a camcorder and edit that video on your PC or Mac (to create web streaming videos that can be used on any website). With Cinestream, you can also insert hotspots, url links and in-video advertising while you are editing your video. The following article focuses on the Cinestream software suite by Media 100 and is a guide to getting up to speed with the editing functions of the software.

Launching Cinestream

You can launch the program by selecting the associated application shortcut from the programs menu. The Cinestream suite allows you to work on preset projects and create new projects using preset modes as well.

Recording Video Footage

Cinestream allows you to capture multiple audio and video files directly to the hard drive. You can do this by connecting various types of recorders to the computer interface.


The editing area of the Cinestream software suite is the most important of all. You will notice that a raw media bin is located in the upper right hand corner of the editing workspace that can be used to browse for media files on the hard disk drive. You can import any audio and video clips that you like to use to the timeline and begin editing the sequence. The editing workspace provides controls to manipulate the playback options and the rate. You can also use the timeline to create customized markers and then use it to play back the footage from any given point on the timeline.


Once you are done with editing the video footage, you may opt to burn the final video rendering onto optical media of your choice. You can select Burn mode from the File menu and proceed to burn projects onto CDs and DVDs.