Understanding Autostitch

Autostitch is a program that takes panoramic imaging to the next level. It automatically determines which images can be “stitched” together to form a larger and more complete panoramic image. Simply input pictures and the program automatically determines which images go together.


It is a fact that the human eye has a view range of 135 x 200 degrees. However, an ordinary camera only has 35 x 50 degrees. It is, therefore, very difficult to replicate the human visual system by using a camera. Panoramic imaging has somehow addressed this concern by taking images one portion at a time in order to make a full image. With Autostitch, however, you don’t have to take pictures at the exact same spot where you ended the last picture in order to generate an image. Simply click away, input all the pictures, and the program will do the rest.


This software has a very simple and easy to use interface so everyone may be able to enjoy this program with ease. It has the capacity to stitch images ranging from 2 to 20. You can reduce blurred areas with the high quality blending option. You can also crop the final image result either automatically or manually.


This program operates on the following Windows operating systems: 98, 2000 and XP. Its file size is only less than 1MB so it does not take up much hard drive space. A newer version also recently came out for the iPhone and the new iPod Touch. With Autostitch, enjoying the totality of an image has never been so easy and fun.