Understanding Alien Skin Snap Art

Alien Skin Snap Art is a plug-in that is designed to work with Adobe Photoshop. Alien Skin Snap Art allows you to quickly and easily turn your photos into pieces of art. Alien Skin Snap Art is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. This guideline will go over the main features of Alien Skin Snap Art.

Gallery Style Art

If you are someone who loves to express your creative side, then you will love Alien Skin Snap Art. With Alien Skin Snap Art, it is very easy to turn your photos into gallery style art. Alien Skin Snap Art is capable of doing this by simulating brush strokes and canvas texture on your photos. To make your photo art look authentic, Alien Skin Snap Art can even apply your signature to the photo.

Easy to Use

If you really wanted to, you can purchase a painting program and place brush strokes on your photos by hand. However, that would take hours to do and you need to have an extremely steady hand to do it. Alien Skin Snap Art comes with thousands of different brush strokes that are automatically applied to your photos for you.

Enables Control

Even though Alien Skin Snap Art will turn your photos into art for you, you still have complete control over the entire process. Alien Skin Snap Art comes with many different styles, such as pencil sketch, oil paint and watercolor. You will also tell Alien Skin Snap Art what brush size and paint thickness you want to use so that you can create an unique piece of art.