Ultilizing a Webcam for Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD makes it very easy to create any type of video you want from a video camera or even a simple webcam. This software is produced by Arcsoft who have a very good reputation. It shouldn't be a problem for anyone to use this software regardless of their technical ability and past experience.

When using showbiz DVD you might be overwhelmed at first. That's because this software is very capable. However, compared to many other video editing applications this one is actually easier and more fun to use. There are different views in the application which makes it possible to choose a simple layout and a much more complicated timeline view for more information. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Step 1: Preparing Your Computer

The first thing that you should do is prepare your computer. It will be much easier to work using a separate webcam which is plugged into your computers USB port. Of course it is also possible to use a built in webcam but these will generally be lower quality and harder to aim accurately enough.

If you don't already have a webcam then try to get the best value camera you can afford. Choose a megapixel camera where possible. Whichever type of webcam you decide to use you should check that it is installed and working as it should be. It's always a good idea to test it out in the default webcam application before setting it up with Showbiz DVD as this will make it much easier to troubleshoot any potential problems.

Step 2: Setting up Arcsoft Showbiz DVD

Next, you need to set up Showbiz DVD so that it detects and can use your camera correctly without any potential problems. This is normally set up automatically but if not you should click "Tools, Preferences" and then select your webcam from the drop down list. Test that the webcam input is working correctly.

Step 4: Capturing Video

With the webcam connected and set up properly you can then start capturing video. To do this when you first open up Showbiz DVD you will be given a selection of different things that you can do. Choose the Capture Video option to set the workspace up correctly.

When you are in the capture mode you will be able to record from a webcam or attached DV camera. Click the large record button to start the software capturing video from the camera. This will instantly start recording but it's a good idea to wait a few seconds before talking so that you have plenty of time to edit and make changes.

When you have clicked the record button it will change to a stop button. This can be clicked whenever you want to stop recording for any reason.

If your webcam also has a built in microphone then it is possible to capture audio at the same time. This is very easy and is simply a matter of ticking the audio box. It's also possible to use a separate microphone with this option if you want.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Then all you need to do is edit the video so that it looks as perfect as possible. Once you have finished you can then burn it onto a DVD if you wish or save it in a regular format to upload to the internet.