Ulead Photo Explorer: FAQs

Ulead Photo Explorer lets you organize your videos, music and photos at one go. Here are common questions asked by the first time buyers.

Is There Anything New in Ulead Photo Explorer Version 8.5?

Yes, Ulead Photo Explorer version 8.5 has come and it offers many great features and these include:

  • A window to ease your access
  • Detection of cameras automatically
  • Album creation
  • Multiple trim clips from video

How Do You know If There Is a Newer Ulead Photo Explorer Version on the Market?

While downloading any version of Ulead Photo Explorer, you are asked to supply your e-mail address; you also get an option for receiving updates which you can click. With these options available, you are able to receive notifications of software updates as well as new versions.

Is It Possible to Use Ulead Photo Explorer to Share Photos through E-Mail?

Ulead Photo Explorer works with Microsoft Exchange protocol so the e-mail provider that you are using must be able to work with this protocol to allow this sharing. The software works well with Microsoft OutLook but cannot work with e-mail providers that use the network system (IP addresses).

After Rotating Photos Using Image Editor, the Quality got Distorted. Why?

Not all image editors will work well when rotating photos, therefore whichever software you use, it must be able to offer you less loss when you rotate JPEG images. However, another option is to make sure that you rotate images in portrait layout ensuring that the top is actually at the top side of the screen right after downloading them. However, Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5 has a functionality that rotates an image within its file, therefore, avoiding data loss and damaging of the image quality.