Two Great Places To Get Your Wedding DVDs Mass Produced

The Wedding video should now be more appropriately called the wedding DVD. If you're a wedding videographer then your end product is going to be delivered to your customers on DVD. Because DVDs are an integral part of your business here you need to seriously consider how you're going to mass produce them. Here are two great places to do that. 

1. Mass Produce Them Yourself

If you're a small business owner then it doesn't make sense to pay someone else to make your DVDs when you can do it yourself. If you're editing and designing your DVDs then you should be making the copies too. Think about it. For each wedding you shoot how many DVDs are you going to have to deliver? One? Three if the parents want copies? Maybe five at most on a rare occasion. Plus you can bill for extra DVDs so why give that business to someone else when you can do it yourself?

Besides, your labels and covers need to be unique for each DVD anyway. It's a task that does not require much mass reproduction because again, the most you will ever need to make is probably five copies of one DVD. DVDs and DVD covers are not very expensive and they go down in price as you buy more in bulk. Producing your own DVDs is a great way to make a little extra cash. Besides, if you out source your DVDs to another company they need to make a profit, and that's going to come out of your bottom line.

You might have a demo reel that you want reproduced, but you can easily do that with a lap top and a stack of DVDs as you watch TV on a Saturday afternoon. The downside to making DVDs on your own is that anyone can copy them. But you make money per project, not per DVD, so copy right infringement isn't really a worry in this business. And if someone is copying and passing your reel around that's a good thing because that means your calling card is being spread around at no cost to you.

2. Mass Production Companies

There might be times where your business is so busy that you don't have time to make demo copies. You can search on line for a company near you that specializes in DVD mass production. The price is dependent on the quality but it will cost an average of 20 cents a disc.

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