Turning a Photo into a Painting

Photo painting, or converting digital works into paintings, has become much easier with the number of computer programs developed to edit photographs. With the Internet and the increasing number of people that are into editing photos, a greater number of alternative programs have been made available. There are computer programs which are available for free, while others require a small fee to download or use.

Step 1: Select a Program and Install It

The use of free photo editing software is recommended for first time or novice users. This allows novice users to try as many programs as possible and test different features without breaking their wallets or bogging down their computer systems. In comparison with industry standard programs, most free software do not have as many features or may not allow the user to modify certain settings. Being more basic, these types of software allow consumers to see the end result quickly without a lot of fuss.

Another advantage is that these types of programs can be mastered easily and at a faster rate, as there are fewer features to learn. Although numerous websites on the Internet offer free use of photo editing software online, it is still much better to download the software and use if offline. This reduces the chances of losing all the changes made to the file if in case the connection becomes unstable. Having less features means that the program file is smaller.

Step 2: Launch the Program

In most cases, a shortcut of the program can be found at the desktop. Double click on the icon. The program can also be accessed by pressing the Start button and going through the list of installed programs. Once the program has launched, access the image to be edited. Creating the painting effect out of any photo is easy with basic photo painting programs. Almost any type of photograph can be used although the best images are those of landscapes or portraits. A high resolution photograph is not necessary in this case as paintings tend to have a blurred effect.

Step 3: Change the Settings

With some programs, the options become available once the picture or image has been opened. More powerful programs will give users the option of changing the contrast, intensity threshold and so on. Once the settings have been modified, programs will have either a Start or Ok button to proceed with the conversion. The amount of time it takes to convert the photograph to a painting can sometimes vary depending on the size of the image, the settings and how fast the computer can process the information. Users are advised to play with the settings or parameters a few times before finalizing on one effect.

Browse the Internet for recommended names before settling down on one or two programs. There are online forums and websites where reviews of free software can be found. Reading reviews and opinions will give users a better idea of which computer programs to use as well as the features included. Doing the research will save users time and effort trying out or downloading programs onto their computer systems.