Tropical Beach Effect in Adobe Premiere

In order to get the best out of your Adobe Premiere software, you should be prepared to make a number of special effects, such as the Tropical Beach. All of these effects are created using a series of simple techniques, which means that by following some simple steps, everyone should be able to make the tropical beach effect of their dreams. If you are interested in making the tropical beach in Adobe, then you will need to know how to use the templates available to you. Following a few simple rules can teach you how to get better control of your Adobe Premiere functions.

Materials Needed

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Computer
  • Media Files

Step 1: Setting up Your File

First, you need to create a media file which will take on your tropical beach effect once you have created it. Create a folder called TropicaBeachEffect, and then open up Adobe Premiere. When you enter the file section, you can then open up the folder you have just created. Now, make a file in Adobe, and save it under Video 1. This will form the basis of your beach effect.

Step 2: Creating a Background

In order to create the beach, you will need to make a suitable background. In video 1, look for special effects, and choose the same background that you would use when making a planet. The background should be earthy. Take the color controls, and make your background a mixture of browns and yellows. Save this background and then copy it by dragging it to the New Layer button. You should then delete the lower layer. Use the rectangular Marquee tool to divide the sky and the stone.

Step 3: Finding a Vector

In order to create the beach look, and save yourself some time, you should search on the Internet for a suitable vector. These are plug-in images which can resemble anything you choose. When you have found a suitable picture, take this into Photoshop, and adjust it until it suits your needs. You will also need to create a suitable sky portion in Photoshop, which you will be able to import later.

Step 4: Adding the Layers

Import your layers into Adobe Premiere, and then add them together using the Edit Paste method. Make the sky only half the size of the area you selected using the Marquee tool. You can then make the sky also appear as the water by using the Transform button, and then selecting Flip. Your sky should now be doubled as the water. Use the Gradient tool to remove any dark lines or gaps between the sky, the sea and the sand.

Step 5: Editing the Sand

Use the Gaussian Blur button to remove any sharp edges from the sand you created, and then reduce the layer's opacity until you can see the effects. Save all of the layers you have created, and then export the picture to the folder you created for the Tropical Beach files.

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