Transfer and Storing Movie Clips in iPhoto 5

iPhoto 5 has several perks, including the ability to transfer and store movie clips. The tips listed below will help you become more comfortable with using iPhoto 5, especially in regards to storing and transferring movie clips.


You may import clips of videos from any digital camera that is compatible with iPhoto, as it uses QuickTime-supported video formats. In order to import video clips from your camera into iPhoto, you should follow the same steps as you would for transferring photos from your digital camera. You can do this by selecting a video and making sure it is in a compatible format. If it isn't, you must convert it into a format that is compatible. After you convert, you can transfer it onto another device. One problem that has been brought up in the past is that of being able to select multiple movie clips to transfer over. In other words, it was not feasible in previous programs to transfer hundreds of video clips at a time. You would have to select one video, convert it, and then transfer it to the program of your choice. Recent iPhoto programs have allowed the use of selecting multiple video clips and transferring hundreds at a time, although it may take some time to convert and transfer all of those files.


If you have a video clip that you would like to store, you would treat it just as you would any other item in a computer. iPhoto can store iPhone movies or any other iPhoto pieces that you would like. As stated above, they must be compatible with QuickTime.  

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