Tracking Credits in ACDSee Photo Manager

ACDSee Photo Manager software provides you with an easy platform for you to track your images when digital scrapbooking and also allows you to credit the designers of the images you use once you finish your layouts.

Step 1: Using the Favorites Pane

The favorites pane provides you with a link or shortcut back to the original image. To open the favorites pane, click on “view” on your quick access toolbar (located at the top of the page), and select favorites from the drop down menu. You will now have the favorites pane on the left of your screen instead of the folders pane. In here, you will be able to track the name of your layouts as well as the images used with your layout.

Step 2: Creating Folders

Create a new folder in the favorites pane with the same name as your layout by right clicking on the favorites folder icon and selecting “New” and then selecting “Folder” within the menu. Rename this folder the same as your layout by right clicking the new folder and selecting “Rename.”

Step 3: Adding Images to Favorites

Browse for the images used in your layout within your main screen. Once you have located an image, right click on the image and select “Add to Favorites” from the menu. You can either use the default name that the image has or type in your own name in the box that appears. Select “OK” in the box that appears, and the shortcut to the image will be created in the favorites pane on the left of your screen. Repeat these steps for each and every image you have used in the layout. The most effective way to do this is whilst sending these images to your editor; once you have sent an image to the editor, carry out the steps above for each image you use for a layout and you will have created a shortcut in the favorites pane at the same time.

Step 4: Adding Images to your Layout Folder

Once all your images are in the favorites folder, click on the favorites folder in the favorites pane and then browse this folder for the images you have added. You may need to scroll down the screen to see them. Under the “Select” menu, choose “select All Images” which will highlight all you image shortcuts. Drag these over into the favorites pane and drop them into the layout folder you have created with your layouts name. The box that appears will tell you it is moving the images across. This is only moving the shortcuts you have created, not the actual image, so they will still be in their original folder when you look for them later.

Step 5: Generating Image Lists

Click on your layout folder and you will now see all the image shortcuts in this folder. Select all images again with the “Select” menu by choosing “select All Images” as you did in the previous step. From the quick access toolbar, select “Database” then “Export” and “Generate File Listing” from the menu. This will generate a text file in Notepad of the images used. You can add or delete information that is generated in this list by selecting “Tools” from the quick access toolbar, then “Options” which will open the options tab. In the options tab, select “File List” then “Details View” from the left hand pane. Then, push the “Choose Details” button in the main window. From here, you can select the information you want in the file list by adding or removing the information you want to see. You can now save the text file as a record of the images used.