Topaz Vivacity: Sharpening Edges

Topaz Vivacity is plug-in software for Photoshop that has a variety of tools for enhancing images. With this tool, you can remove noise, bring out details, sharpen edges and improve the resolution. Here is how to sharpen edges with this program:

Intelligent Sharpening

Topaz Vivacity uses an advanced algorithm which not only sharpens, but also gives smoothness to the edges, giving the image more vivid detail without appearing unrealistic.

DeNoise/EQ Filter

The DeNoise/EQ filter is used when there is over-sharpening of edges, which creates halos. This filter gives you control to selectively adjust the edge sharpness at various scales, returning its natural look.

Sharpening without Noise Amplification

Topaz Vivacity's Sharpen Filter works well on images having noise and those which are blurred. After applying the filter to such images, you will find that the noise has not been increased and also there is no edge ring.

Sharpening According to Size of Image

When you apply the filter, the effects of sharpening will vary per the size of the image. In a very huge image, the effect may not be noticeable and you might need to apply the filter a number of times. In smaller images, the sharpening effect is immediately noticeable.