Topaz Adjust: Adjustment Features

Topaz Adjust is software used to improvise and enhance images. You can create great images at a fast speed due to its simple-to-use features. It has a great set of adjustment features that are listed below.

Exposure Control

As suggested by the name, this software helps to modify an image's exposure. Therefore, you can create contrast, reduce it, or increase the brightness to make the image look more presentable. You can also play around with the Adaptive exposure mode. This used simultaneously with the Regions Slider can give you a pleasant mapped effect.


Sometimes, you have details in a photograph that you might want to enhance. This feature of Topaz Adjust helps you to do just that. There are other parameters like 'Strength' and 'Boost' that allow you to accurately specify the extent to which you want to enhance a detail. The Threshold and Radius allow you to specify the exact area size you want to cover. You also have the image sharpening tool for further enhancement of the object.


There are times when you just don't like a particular color on the image and want to change it. The color tab of this software equips you with a technique to modify colors and make the image impressive.

The Adaptive saturation and Regions slider work in unison to create the coolest color effects. You can even adjust the Saturation through the Saturation Boost tab for specifying the amount. There are controls that let you change the hue, if need be.


Apart from the functions listed above, the software also has noise reduction feature that helps you reduce the noise in the image to make it more presentable.