Tips in Aperture for Photography Buffs

Aperture photography software is a comprehensive photo package that enables users to control every facet of their photos, from the first snap of the camera to publishing them on the web or in print. It is such a large program, there are many features to learn, although with a little practice and some familiarity, the software becomes much easier.


Before you can begin to publish or edit your pictures, you need to be able to find them. Aperture has many different options of sorting your photos, and it greatly helps to remember to use them. Organize your photos with Faces, which uses facial recognition technology to identify specific people once you have told it who to look for, and Places, which can be used with a GPS-enabled camera, smart phone, geo-tagging device, or can simply be manually set to sort your photos by the location they were taken at. The latter option makes it a breeze to find your photos by presenting you with a world map that has push-pins on it for the locations you have saved. 

In addition to Faces and Places, Aperture can also sort your photos using all the traditional methods, including by date, alphabetical or other assorted metadata. Another good option is to use the rating system. If you edit your photos on a regular basis, it's handy to rate them by the work you need to do. Be sure to avail yourself of these options. It will save lots of time and frustration in the future. 


Aperture has a number of methods you can use to edit your photos once they have been uploaded to your computer. The preset options make editing much less complex than it has been in the past, with many solutions to common photo issues, such as blurriness, streaking or red eye. They can also be used to add common effects to photos, such as making them black and white or sepia tone. The auto-enhance feature is also a quick and handy option to provide overall improvements. For more specific touch-ups, you can use the Quick Brush feature. This adds numerous different options you can use to edit your pictures, including cloning, merging surface areas, lightening, darkening and much more. 


Aperture can do more than work with photographs. It can also edit and manipulate video, as well. While not on the scale of a professional video editing program, it has sufficient features for the casual user. It's able to shorten and mix video, to capture individual frames and import them into the photo editing section, publish the videos, and more. 


Once you've finished working on your photos and are ready to show them off to the world, Aperture has many options you can use to publish them. It contains book, postcard, photo essay, web page templates, along with many others, and it gives you the freedom and control to place your photos in any way you desire. 

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