Tips for Using Avid DVD

Avid dvd is a professional video editing tool from Sonic. The Avid DVD is easy to manipulate particularly if you have already read the instruction manual that comes with it. However, there are several tips you can follow to make using the Avid DVD easier.

Adjusting the Menu and Menu Button Highlights

In Avid DVD, there are about 15 pre-built menus. However, you can customize these menus according to your preference by changing the hue, saturation, brightness and color contrast of each menu already in Avid DVD.

To do this, all you need to do is open the Menu Attributes and click the "Effects" tab. Here you will see the sliders for saturation, hue, color contrast and brightness. Just slide the slider to the specific ratio you prefer and this will adjust the highlights in your menu buttons. Click "Reset" if you are not satisfied with the changes you have made.

Just like the menu's main pages, you can also make adjustments to the menu button highlights in Avid DVD. To check out how the buttons in your menu are being highlighted, you need to click "Simulate" and then choose either From First Play or From Current Position. From First Play is the first menu page that you opened while From Current Position is the current menu page on your screen. This will then give you a preview of the current highlights being used in the menu main page you have chosen.

Once the menu window appears, the first button will automatically be selected using the current highlight. There are basically 4 methods of highlighting used in Avid DVD - the filled button shape, the outlined button shape, fill the highlight rectangle and the outline the highlight rectangle. These methods can also be customized by clicking the DVD Menu tab and selecting Edit Subpicture Colors.

Menu Text

You can also make changes to the menu text through Avid DVD. To do this, make sure you opened a menu page that you would like to change. Go to the Text Tool which is easily identified by "T" icon. Click the "Text Tool" and then go to the menu page to click the "Chapter Menu." This will highlight the text.

On the upper right hand of the screen, you will see the Button Attributes window has now been directed to the Text tab. In this tab, you can change the font style, size, color, outline color and outline of the text.

After you have made the necessary changes, you can now change the text. Just type the new text on the highlighted Chapter Menu and then click outside of the text area. You can change the position of the new text in 2 ways. First is to click the text and drag it into position or you can go to Align Objects and click the drop down arrow for your choices.

You can also change the name of each button by repeating the same steps as when you were changing the text for the Chapter Menu. However, to center the button title, click the thumbnail image of the button and then hold Ctrl. You then need to click the new button text and then go to Align Objects to choose the position of new text.

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