Tips and Tricks for Using the iPhoto Library Manager

iPhoto Library Manager is an invaluable tool for keeping your photos organized and combining multiple albums into single ones, while still retaining all the attached data, such as dates and file names. The basic operation takes photos from one album, a source album, and moves them into another, the destination album. It sounds pretty simple, and it is, for the most part. However, there are some tips you can use that will make the job of keeping your photos organized much easier. 

Merging Multiple Libraries

If you have several different photo albums you want to combine into a single library, you can choose to merge all of them at once, rather than doing each one individually. Doing them one at a time allows you the ability to better monitor the merging process, however, if you have a large number of albums you do not really need to keep a close eye on, you can set them to merge in one, long stretch. This method does take a considerable amount of time, however, depending on how many files you need to move, so it is best to start it when you are leaving your computer for an extended period. 

Verifying File Integrity

If you have a single album, you want to check to make sure that none of the files are corrupted or in any way less than sound. You can create a new folder and set the Library Manager to move the folder you want to check into the new folder. iPhoto will automatically inspect each file it moves, and verify that they are all in good shape. 

Preferences Menu

Many options and solutions can be found in the Preferences Menu. Do not take it for granted that the settings therein will always be set the optimum way (or how you require them to be). The "Don't Import Duplicates" option combined with the "When recreating albums, use existing photo in place of duplicates" option is particularly valuable if you have multiple copies of the same photo that you do not want imported into the main library you are merging into. Also, if the security of your photos is not of the highest priority, you can turn off the "Warn When Permissions Can't Be Set" option. This will stop iPhoto from giving you a warning each time it encounters a photo it can't change the permissions for.

Duplicate Library

If you use the "Duplicate Library" option on one of the libraries before you begin the merging process, and then merge all of the other libraries into the duplicate, you will find that it goes much faster than if you had merged them all normally. This happens because you are simply copying the folder, rather than actually moving all the contents. This will also retain all of the other data, such as slideshows and any other data that is not specifically picture files. 

There are a number of other tricks and options you can use in iPhoto. The best way to operate it is to mess around and customize it how you need. 

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