TimeLapse for iPhone: An Overview

TimeLapse is an application which will let you automate the camera on your iPhone, so that you can capture a sequence of images with set time lapses. The photos which are taken are stored in the photo library and later can be downloaded onto a computer. Then, a movie can be created from them using movie software.

Simple Interface

TimeLapse has a simple and intuitive interface which can be activated by selecting the application. You are given the options of setting the size of the image, the count of photos you need to capture, the starting delay and the period between photos. You can set the image size to large, medium or small.

Operation and Usage

The application can be used to create a time lapse sequence of images through the day or to show a journey or some natural event. You can also use it to create animation and as a surveillance device for security. For making the captured images into a movie, you can use software like Movie Maker for Windows or QuickTime from Apple.

You can initiate the time lapse operation by either setting the time or selecting a date. Ending the operation can be done by setting the number of images or selecting a time or date. The latest versions of the application will also correlate the parameters you have set. For example, if you have set the ending of the session with number of photos, the application will also show the duration in which it will end and the date.