ThumbNailer: An Overview

ThumbNailer is a utility which operates on the Windows operating system and enables you to create thumbnail sized images and their galleries. The software also provides controls to change the color depth of the image, set the size, and convert one format to another. The galleries which are created can be made for use on the web or for storing on a CD.

Simple Operation

ThumbNailer has a very simple interface and easy controls. From the interface, you need to select your source file or folder by browsing, and then set the destination folder where you want your thumbnail to be saved. The output settings parameters include the choice of formats, the size of photo and the resize method. Click on the start button and you are done.

Various Formats

The software supports various formats which include JPEG-2000, JPG, MPEG, GIF, PNG, PNM, PCX, TIFF, WBMP, ICO, BMP, PhotoCD, TGA, Photoshop, EMF, WMF and TGA. You can also extract multiple pages from a TIFF frame. For RAW formats, CALS and FlashPix, this software will need extra plug-in which is available.

Versatile Software

Although ThumbNailer seems to be a small utility, it has many features. You can generate HTML pages with links for thumbnails and also create tables and templates. For watermarking or making logos, you can overlay text on the images. The software provides for batch processing if you find working with single files is too slow. The utility allows you to do some basic corrections of your images like adjusting the brightness, contrast, color and sharpness. Certain effects like edge fading and the creation of a contact sheet is also possible.