Three Useful Features of Mazaika

Mazaika is an easy to use professional photo mosaic tool. If you are not familiar with mosaic tools, you can use Mazaika to create pictures that are made of other pictures. Mazaika will take a source image and recreate it with tons of smaller, different images. Mazaika is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

1. Real Time Color Correction

One of the best features of Mazaika is real time color correction. Every time you add a new image to the source image that you are recreating, Mazaika will blend the colors together in front of your eyes. Plus, the color correction and blending is done from the main screen in Mazaika, which saves you time.

2. Different Rendering Modes

If you use smart rendering in Mazaika, Mazaika will fill key image areas first when you are creating a photo mosaic. This is a great rendering mode for beginners and professionals alike because it will save you time. If you don't like how your mosaic looks, you can enter manual rendering mode, which allows you to change out individual photo tiles as you see fit.

3. File Sizes

There are no limits in regards to the file size that you are able to save with Mazaika. If you are working on a huge photo mosaic, it is possible that you will have a 5 to 10 gigabyte file. Mazaika can save that file no problem for you. Image file formats that Mazaika is capable of saving in include BMP, JPG and TIFF. Mazaika even allows you to save photo mosaics as clickable HTML tables.