Three Reasons to Use PhotoPrinto

PhotoPrinto is an easy to use photo album creator that is made by Smile Software. PhotoPrinto comes with a multitude of built-in templates and effects that you can use to create awesome photo albums in no time at all. PhotoPrinto is compatible with Macintosh operating systems that are version 10.4 or later. PhotoPrinto comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by giving the program a shot.

1. Image Import

Of course, you can create photos albums in PhotoPrinto by using photos that are already on your computer in a folder. However, PhotoPrinto also allows you to import photos from iPhoto that you can use in a photo album. PhotoPrinto is capable of directly importing your photos from iPhoto for quick and easy photo album creation.

2. Effects

PhotoPrinto comes with many cool effects that you can apply to your photos before you create your photo album. A few of the effects that are included with PhotoPrinto are soft edges, cropping and captions. Best of all, you can apply any of the effects that are included with PhotoPrinto to your photos with a single click of your mouse.

3. Templates

PhotoPrinto comes with photo album templates that you can use, or you can create your own templates. PhotoPrinto also gives you complete control over page layout. If you are in a rush, PhotoPrinto can create your photo album for you and save it as a single file that you can print, email to your friends and family, or upload to the internet. PhotoPrinto is compatible with inkjet and color printers.