Three Reasons to Buy DVD Lab Pro

DVD Lab Pro is a DVD authoring program that is made by Media Chance. Given the full range features that are included with DVD Lab Pro, DVD Lab Pro is recommended for advanced users.

1. Flexible DVD Structure

One of the best features of DVD Lab Pro is the fact that it is a multiple-VTS application. Being that DVD Lab Pro is a multiple-VTS application, you are able to change the aspect ratios for the video and audio that you have on a single DVD.

2. Audio and Subtitle Channels

DVD Lab Pro supports multiple audio and subtitle channels. Every title that you create in DVD Lab Pro supports 8 audio channels and 8 subtitle channels. Popular channels that are supported by DVD Lab Pro include DTS, AC3, LPCM and MPA.

3. Dynamic Effects

DVD Lab Pro makes it easy for you to create cinema quality movies. Creating menus in DVD Lab Pro is easy thanks to its intermixed menu designer. DVD Lab Pro also comes with DynamicFX textures that you can animate to create a motion menu.