Three Prestigious PhotoFit Awards

If you are not familiar with PhotoFit, PhotoFit is an easy to use panorama stitching program that is made by Tekmate. You can use PhotoFit to stitch several digital images together to create an awesome wide angle image. PhotoFit is compatible with Windows operating systems only. Over the years, PhotoFit has won many prestigious awards, a few of which will be discussed in this guideline.

1. Global Shareware

Global Shareware is a company that lists shareware programs on their website in many popular categories, such as audio, desktop enhancements and multimedia and design. Global Shareware awarded PhotoFit with a 5 star award. PhotoFit's Global Shareware 5 star award is in the image editing category, which is in the multimedia and design section of the Global Shareware website.

2. SoftDLL

SoftDLL is a company that is very similar to Global Shareware. PhotoFit was awarded a 5 star prize by SoftDLL. The 5 star prize that PhotoFit was awarded was in the image category. SoftDLL only gives out 5 star prizes to programs that they have tested and ranked as superior to other similar programs.

3. GodMoon

PhotoFit received an editor's choice award from GodMoon. The editor's choice award that PhotoFit received was in the digital camera category, which is a sub-category of the multimedia and design category at GodMoon. As with SoftDLL, the editor's choice award is only given to programs that have been tested by a member of GodMoon. GodMoon has reviewed over 37,000 programs, but only 1,000 or so of those programs have been awarded with an editor's choice award.