Three New Features of FotoAlbum Pro

FotoAlbum Pro is a great photo and video organizer that is made by FotoTime. FotoAlbum Pro even comes with a basic photo editor that you can use to balance the color of your photos, remove red-eye from your photos and crop your photos. This guideline will go over a few new features of FotoAlbum Pro, such as geotagging, skinnable themes and quick edit panels.

1. GeoTagging

One of the best new features of FotoAlbum Pro is geotagging. With geotagging, you are able to tag your photos with GPS coordinates that are then displayed on a map. If you travel a lot and want to organize your photos by state or country, then you will love geotagging. FotoAlbum Pro is fully integrated with Google Mapping support for the ultimate geotagging experience.

2. Skinnable Themes

If you like to customize the programs that you use, then you will love that FotoAlbum Pro now comes with skinnable themes. FotoAlbum Pro comes with a complete set of skinnable themes that you can choose from to personalize FotoAlbum Pro in any way that you see fit. In the future, FotoTime plans on creating a skin editor for FotoAlbum Pro so that you can create your own skins.

3. Quick Edit Panels

It has never been easier to sort through your photos with FotoAlbum Pro. The quick edit panels that are now included with FotoAlbum Pro provide you with instant access to the properties of your photos so that you can assign ratings, keywords and much more. The panels will appear at the top of FotoAlbum Pro and will only appear when you need them.