Three Great Features of Dynamic PhotoHDR By Media Chance

Dynamic PhotoHDR is a high dynamic range photo program that is made by Media Chance. Dynamic PhotoHDR is able to take your photos and combine them with multiple exposures to create the ultimate professional looking photo. Dynamic PhotoHDR is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. This guideline will go over a few of the many great features of Dynamic PhotoHDR, such as pin wharping, anti-ghosting and clean skies.

1. Pin Wharping

Many high dynamic range photo programs have difficulties with aligning photos that were taken without the use of a tripod. Thanks to pin wharping, that is no problem for Dynamic PhotoHDR. The pin wharping technique that is used by Dynamic PhotoHDR has no problem aligning even the most off balance photo that was taken when your digital camera shifted.

2. Anti-Ghosting

Has your camera ever moved when you were obtaining multiple shots of the same subject? If so, you will probably notice a ghost effect in your photos. The anti-ghosting mask element that is included with Dynamic PhotoHDR allows you to paint over any ghost appearances that are in your photos. When Dynamic PhotoHDR finishes your final image, you will notice that the ghost effects are completely eliminated.

3. Clean Skies

In the photography field, a sky is considered to be a substantial, smooth area. Many high dynamic range photo programs will over-exposure HDR images. When this happens, noise blocks and halo are added to extensive, smooth areas, such as a sky. The 3D sky filter in Dynamic PhotoHDR will correct the tone-mapping of your photos that feature skies for you so that the smooth texture of the sky is not altered while your photo is being processed.