Three Features of Helicon Filter

The Helicon Filter, which is made by HeliconSoft, is a fully featured photo editor. You can use the Helicon Filter for anything from file management to editing photos to retouching photos. The Helicon Filter is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

1. File Management

The Helicon Filter supports RAW data formats from many popular camera brands such as Canon, Kodak and Nikon. All popular image formats, such as JPEG, PNG and GIF, are also supported by the Helicon Filter. When you are editing photos in the Helicon Filter, you will have access to full IPTC and EXIF information, as well.

2. Retouching Photos

The Helicon Filter makes it easy for you to retouch your photos. A few of the many retouch brushes that are included with Helicon Filter are the distort brush, the change color brush, the reduce noise brush and the clone brush. All of the brushes that come with the Helicon Filter can be edge sensitive, too.

3. Editing Photos

Cropping and resizing your photos in the Helicon Filter is extremely easy to do. You can also use the Helicon Filter to remove noise and distortion from your photos. Other adjustment sliders that are featured in the Helicon Filter include brightness sliders, color sliders and sharpening sliders.