Three Cool Features of Photobrush by Media Chance

Photobrush is an image editor that is made by Media Chance. Photobrush is also a painting program, a photo enhancer, a photo retouching tool and a RAW image browser. Photobrush is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. Photobrush leaves no footprint and contains no fluff, which means it will load the minute you open it.  This guideline will go over a few of the many cool features of Photobrush.

1. Image Editor

Photobrush is a comprehensive image editor that can be used to improve any image. A few of the levels that you can adjust in Photobrush include hue, RGB curves, saturation, gamma, contrast and brightness. Photobrush even comes with effects, such as lens fare and sparkles, that you can apply to images. If you have any Adobe Photoshop plug-ins that you love to use, you can also use them with Photobrush.

2. Retouching Photos

There is no reason to delete a photo when you have Photobrush. Photobrush is capable of cleaning scratches from your images, removing unwanted parts of the image, removing red-eye and much more. You can even use Photobrush to clone photos with a rubber stamp. Photobrush is also capable of providing clean skin of portraits.

3. Painting Program

Photobrush has Pressure Sensitive tablet support, which makes it a fantastic painting program. If you cloned one of your photos by using the photo retouching tools, you can use the Photobrush painting program to turn that photo into a painting. Photobrush supports texture painting and comes with several different paint brushes, such as natural, artistic and 3D brushes.