Three Cool Features of Memoriesontv

Memoriesontv is an easy to use slideshow creator that is made by CodeJam. Not only does Memoriesontv help you create slideshows, but Memoriesontv also helps you share your slideshows with your friends and family. This guideline will go over a few cool features of Memoriesontv, such as quality transition effects, multiple picture slides and advanced audio support.

1. Quality Transition Effects

Memoriesontv comes with many professional quality effects that you can apply to your slides. The transitions that come with Memoriesontv can be customized, as well. If you have Adobe Photoshop, you can even create your own transitions and add them to Memoriesontv.

2. Multiple Picture Slides

One of the best features of Memoriesontv is the fact that you can put multiple pictures or video clips on a single slide. To make your slide even cooler, you can apply one of the many multiple layer effects that are included with Memoriesontv. Memoriesontv also allows you to create a unique slideshow in slideshow presentation with ease.

3. Advanced Audio Support

Memoriesontv makes it easy for you to add background audio to your entire slideshow presentation. If you aren't interested in slideshow length background audio, you can even attach audio files to individual slides in Memoriesontv. A mini audio editor is even included that you can use to trim the audio files that you're using.