Three Cool Features of FotoStudio

FotoStudio has many cool features, such as the ability to create a storefront, easy order fulfillment and highest payout percentage. FotoStudio, which is made by FotoTime, is a program that is designed to help photographers make money. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional photographer, you will love the fact that FotoStudio handles the printing of your photos, as well as billing and shipping to your customers.

1. Configural Storefront

Creating and configuring a storefront with FotoStudio is easy. Simply create a FotoStudio account, setup pricing for your photos, upload your photos and start sending the address to your storefront around. You can even customize your FotoStudio storefront with your own logo, or with HTML or CSS.

2. Easy Order Fulfillment

All you have to do is upload your photos and FotoStudio will handle everything else. When a customer purchases one of your photos, FotoStudio will take care of everything from credit card processing to printing to shipping. FotoStudio will even provide customer support for your storefront. You can even track your monthly sales through the online reporting system that is provided by FotoStudio.

3. Highest Payout Percentage

You won't be able to find a program that is similar to FotoStudio that offers a higher payout percentage. FotoStudio only charges a 13% transaction fee, which is quite low when you think about how much it would cost you to run your own online photo business. When compared to other programs, if you sold a $54 photo, you'd end up with $5 or more in your pocket with FotoStudio.