Three Common Questions and Concerns about Ezbook

If you are not familiar with Ezbook, it is an easy to use digital yearbook program that is made by Walter's Publishing. Not only does Ezbook save you time on creating yearbooks, but Ezbook also saves you money thanks to low publishing costs. This guideline will go over a few common questions and concerns about Ezbook.

1. Can we Design our own Yearbook Cover?

Yes, in addition to providing yearbook cover templates, Ezbook also allows you to design your own yearbook template. In most cases, you should use the custom cover templates that are provided by Ezbook to design your own yearbook cover. When it comes time to print your yearbook, there will be an additional cost for designing your own yearbook cover.

2. What Image Formats does Ezbook Accept?

Image formats that are accepted by Ezbook include PNG, TIFF and JPEG. If you are placing candid photos in your yearbook, you should use JPEG files because of their low file size. TIFF files also work for candids, but their file size is larger than JPEG file sizes. Ezbook recommends PNG files for clip art because PNG files, unlike JPEG and TIFF files, can have a transparent background.

3. Is Artwork Included with Ezbook?

One of the best features of Ezbook is the fact that Ezbook comes with stock artwork that you can use in your yearbook. Stock artwork that comes with Ezbook includes autograph pages, backgrounds, clip art and borders. There are no limits in regards to how much stock artwork you can have in your yearbook. You can also use custom artwork in your yearbook, but stock artwork is recommended because the quality of the artwork is guaranteed.