Three Common Questions about Olympus Master

Olympus Master is a program that you can use to enhance the organization, editing and sharing of your digital photographs. Thanks to an easy to use interface, Olympus Master is a great program for beginner and professional photographers alike. Olympus Master supports both Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

1. Does Olympus Master Support Photo Keywords?

Yes, Olympus Master does support photo keywords. When you import photos into Olympus Master, you are able to tag the photos with up to three unique keywords. If you have a bunch of photos that have your son, John, in them, you can tag them all with John so that you can easily search for them at a later date. Olympus Master provides a list of keywords, or you can create your own.

2. What Image Editing Tools are Included with Olympus Master?

As previously mentioned, Olympus Master comes with an easy to use image editor. If you need to adjust your photos, sliders for sharpness, brightness and color balance are included with Olympus Master. Other editing functions that come with Olympus Master include renaming resizing, cropping and rotating.

3. What Printing Options are Supported by Olympus Master?

If you have your own printer, Olympus Master supports home printing for anything from postcards to large photo sizes. Templates are provided that will help you format your photos for home printing. Olympus Master also supports online printing. You can quickly and easily send your photos to Olympus Digital photo Services by Ofoto for professional printing. For Windows users only, other registered photo labs are supported by Olympus Master.