The Video and Audio Generators Available in Final Cut Pro

There are several video and audio generators available in Final Cut Pro that you can utilize to enhance the sound and look of a clip. Generators in this program allow users to generate and manipulate certain aspects of their video or audio that can result to a more fine-tuned output.

Signal Generators and Color Bars

Signal Generators and Color Bars are used for calibration purposes. There are several bar and tone frequencies or capacities each generating different color bars and audio tone for different video systems. The Bars and Tone for HD 1080i60 generates a reference colors bar and audio tone that is suitable for 1080i60 video systems, while the Bars and Tone for PAL provides reference color bars and audio tone for the PAL system.

Boris Generators

Boris Generators is a Final Cut Pro Plugin that is available in different products. Boris Generators include Red, Blue, FX, Graffiti and Calligraphy to name a few. Each of the Boris Generators provides a unique background and visual effect to a video frame or sequence.

Matte Generators

To create colored and solid-colored backgrounds, users can use the Matte Generators in Final Cut Pro. Colored backgrounds can be created for layered clips in sequence or they can use the Matte Generators to serve as a container for special effects filters for visual images. The Matte Generators can also be used together with the Mask Shape for an entirely different usage. By using these applications together, users can create different shapes or as track matte layers.

Render Generators

Another Generator available in Final Cut Pro is Render. This generator is used to create backgrounds that are filled with shades of colors or grays with different gradients. There are several types of Render Generators including Caustics, Cellular, Checkerboard, Clouds, Concentric Shapes, Gradient, Grid and Highlight. Users can also use Lens Flare, Membrane, Noise and One Color Ray, to name a few.

Shapes Generators

Shapes Generator is another fun type of generator where users can flex their creativity. The Shape Generators allow users to create shapes in different colors and sizes. These can then be used in backgrounds. The basic shapes of Circle, Oval, Rectangle and Square comprise the Shape Generators. With the Shape Generators, users can change the size aspect, edge softness and color of each shape.

Slug Generators

If users want to create solid background instead, then they can use the Slug Generator. This generator is often use when users or creators want to place a gap or interval between 2 clips. It generates a clip that has a black image with an empty pair of audio tracks.

Text Generators

The Text Generator is commonly used to create titles in Final Cut Pro. There is a wide selection of Text Generators available in Final Cur Pro that allows users to manipulate their text titles or labels. Included in the Text Generators are Crawl, Lower 3rd, Outline Text, Scrolling Text, Text and Typewriter. Aside from these, Text Generators also provide users with the ability to choose the font size, font color, alignment and origin of their title without much fuss and difficulty.

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