The Three Best Products for Making Wedding DVDs at Home

There are a ton of great products out there for making wedding DVDs at home. If you are using a computer that you bought recently then the odds are pretty good that you have a DVD burner in it. If that's the case then you just need a few more things to get started with assembling your final product for your customers.

1. Software

Besides a computer with a DVD burner the next thing you need is software. The video editing program you're using might have provided you with that. For example, Adobe Premiere Pro comes with Adobe Encore. If not then maybe your computer came with a program. Macs come with iDVD. 

If you don't have the software then you need to go out and buy a program that will allow you to create DVDs with menus. Once you have that it's time to get cooking. Export your video from the editing program as an mpeg-2 file. It will take a while for the computer to transcode it but that is the file that DVDs playback in.

Once you have the video files ready you can assemble the DVD in your authoring program. If your program has the option to preview the files before burning it then so it as this may save you time and DVDs if there is a mistake that needs to be fixed. Once everything is good to go it's time to burn them.

2. DVDs

You're going to need blank DVDs in order to make DVDs at home. Which manufacturer you choose to buy from is a personal preference. If wedding DVDs is going to be a regular business for you then you should buy your DVDs in bulk as this will save you money in the long run. There used to be a competition between DVD + and - R's. Years ago Macs were not able to play the +R's but that has since changed. However buy -R's is always a safe bet that it can play back anywhere.

3. Cases and Labels

Aside from making a great DVD you still need to deliver it in a great presentation. That means you need to buy a labeling program, labels, and DVD cases. You also need a printer too if you don't have one as well as a design program where you can make covers.

Memorex makes a great labeling program that is easy to use. As far as the cases are concerned you can find those in a lot of retail stores. Like the DVDs you should buy them in bulk. 

For creating DVD covers Adobe Photoshop is a great program because you can have precise control of the size of the covers so they fit the case.

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