The Pros and Cons of Free Video Editing Software

The amount of video editing software options has grown along with the popularity of digital camcorders. There are options that you can buy, however, free video editing software can be found easily on the internet for download.

The following are some pros and cons for video editing software. Make note of these considerations before you download a program.

Price Point

If you have a limited budget, a free program is your best bet as other video editing programs can be expensive. However, if you purchase a program you will have more features and more functionality.

Easy to Download, Easy to Use

Free video editing software programs can be found easily on the internet. With just a few clicks you can download a program. These programs are typically simpler than a program you can purchase which makes them easy to use.

Safety First

As with any downloads from the internet, free video editing software can carry viruses, malware, spyware and adware. These are added to the program in a trade off that makes the software free. When downloading a program, the terms and conditions may list what has been added and that it is harmless for your computer. However, many downloads do not mention the additions.

The best method to protect your computer is to install a good anti virus software which will scan any downloads before opening and executing the file. If a virus or malware is found, you can discard the download immediately.

Lack of Customer Support

A drawback of a free video editing program is that there is no customer support that you can contact if you have any questions or problems with the software. However, there may be forums or discussions on the internet where others who have downloaded the same product may be able to help you.

Extra Add-ons

Along with your download, some extras may be included. These may be automatically included or you might be able to opt out if you do not want them included. These can include toolbars, screensavers, desktop themes or advertising software.

In the past, these add-ons would have likely included trojans or viruses that greatly affect your computer's performance. Now, many free software suppliers team up with Google, Yahoo or Ask to offer free installation of their toolbars and / or change your homepage on the internet. With these partnerships, your computer's safety is less of a worry and you are typically allowed to opt out if you do not wish to install the toolbars.

Check the Reviews

To find out more about free video editing software you can read reviews on websites such as When programs are downloaded from this site, they follow up with a request to the consumer for a review and rating of that program to add to the reviews posted on the site. CNET also includes reviews and ratings from their editors for comparison.

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