The Print Shop: What's New

The Print Shop by Mackiev is touted as the desktop publishing software for the “rest of us.” The software has made been famous because of its ease of use and some tight integration with the iLife software suite that ships with Mac computers. The following is a brief look at the newest features of the latest release of the Print Shop.

Rulers, Guidelines and Grids

Although not exactly a path breaking innovation, the new rulers, guidelines and grids allow you a much greater degree of precision and control over the elements of your desktop publishing experience.


The booklets feature allows you to create small books ranging anywhere from 2 to 32 pages. This is a great new feature to create newsletters, small time sale material, and school or college reports.

Added Special Effects

The Print Shop now has twice the number of special effects and touches that you can use to transform an ordinary looking project into a professionally crafted masterpiece. The additions also include twice the number of art and clip arts and three times the number of photo effects that the Print Shop previously had.

Better iLife Integration

The Print Shop now features direct drag and drop from the iPhoto and other iLife based software. Also, the basic level integration with the Macintosh platform has been made better by enabling the spotlight search for print shop files.

Additionally, the Print Shop now supports more brands of CD labels like the CD stomper, Jewel Case and Memorex.