The Print Shop: Making a DVD Case

The Print Shop is software designed specially for creating unique print projects for home as well as the business sphere. It creates various projects like designing print invitations, greeting cards, signs, labels and much more. Here is what The Print Shop's DVD project is and what you can do with it.

Key Features

The software has advanced design tools and options to create stylishly impressive and contemporary images. The key features of the software are:

  • A huge and wide gallery of ready to use images and templates
  • The unique Wizard Design Tool that helps and lets you create over a hundred projects in a short span of five minutes per project
  • Ability to print while at home, email to friends, and load and share on websites

Creating a DVD Case

Armed with the above features, it's really easy to make your own DVD cases under the DVD project. All you need to do is create an image using the templates already given within the program or use customization options to create an image of your own preference.

Also, you can import the names of the artists, labels and tracks to create the DVD label flaps, without having to type a single letter. This is a perfect tool for making covers for custom digital movie or music collections or for gifting DVDs and CDs to friends. Also, the software provides ready to use forms of templates that are compatible with the entire Apple iDVD theme in the iDVD3/4/5/6/8 applications.