The Photoshop Old Movie Look Tutorial

If you are keen on manipulating your modern photographs, you may be interested in a technique which allows you to make them resemble old movie stills. The old movie look is very popular among people who regularly file-share or use photographs in social networking sites. In order to make this image, you will need a little bit of spare time, and some images to practice upon that you don't mind being distorted or damaged during the learning process.

Materials Needed

  • Adobe Photoshop software
  • Suitable images
  • Spare time

Step 1: Open up the Photograph

You will first need to have your photograph available in Adobe photoshop. Make sure that the image you wish to manipulate has been downloaded onto the computer, and then open Photoshop. Click the tab marked New File, and then search through your computer's files for the correct picture. Click the select button to make the image download into Photoshop. You should now have the picture available to you in the software's work area. If you cannot find it, check that you have correctly installed the picture, close Photoshop and then attempt to open up the picture again.

Step 2: Prepare the Image

Once you have successfully imported the picture into Photoshop, you will need to prepare it to be manipulated. In order to protect the original image, duplicate the image by using the keys CTRL+j. This will create a perfect carbon copy of the device which will be able to be used in your experiments while keeping the previous image pristine. When you have the double image, you can then start to work on creating an old movie image.

Step 3: Remove the Color

You will have to take off the color from your modern photograph, which is done by selecting the whole of the image, and then locating the tab marked Image across the top. You should then find an icon called adjustments, which will lead to another called Desaturate. This is the box to tick if you want your computer to shut off the color capture in your photograph.

Step 4: Blur the Lines

The last stage involves adding some blurring to the lines of your picture. This gives it the fuzziness of an old photograph by reducing the sharpness of the image. You don't have to blur it too much; just make the picture a little indistinct, and this will suit your old movie picture style perfectly. Go to the box marked Filter, and locate the drop-down box Blur.

You should be able to access another drop-down box, which will allow you to access a range of drop down styles. Pick one called Gaussian Blur, and adjust the picture until you have a suitable amount of blurring. You can then save the image in your pictures.
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