The Photoshop iPod Advertisement Emulation Tutorial

The iPod Photoshop has become an extremely popular type of Photoshop effect which is actually relatively easy to create. The iPod effect is a similar effect to the ones used in the iPod commercials. These are where the person is typically a silhouette which is placed on a bright background; the only thing in its true color is the iPod itself. This can be applied to virtually anything and it can create some interesting effects.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Photo with light colored background
  • Photoshop 
  • Photo of iPod or other device

Step 1: Opening the Image

Open Photoshop and load your image by clicking File, Open and selecting the file you want to open. If you don't already have a suitable image to work from, then you could consider downloading one from one of the stock photo websites on the Internet. These stock photo websites will be full of lots of suitable images.

Step 2: Selecting the Object

To do the silhouette properly, you will need to select the object. You can either do this using the magnetic selection tool, or the magic wand if you're lucky enough to be working from an image with a white background. Don't worry too much about it being overly neat because it doesn't really matter if you go around every single hair and tiny detail.

Step 3: Adjustment Layer

Create a new adjustment layer by clicking on the adjustment icon in your layers palette and then Clicking Solid Color. This will create a solid color adjustment layer. In the color dialog box which pops up, you should then select Black as the color.

Step 4: Background Layer

Now select the background layer and deselect your selection by pressing Control and D. Create another color adjustment layer in exactly the same way as before, the only difference is to select a different color of your choice.

When choosing the background color for your iPod inspired art work, you should stick to some well known colors. Avoid the use of colors which are too bright because these can make eyes and other features look strange. Some of the actual colors used in iPod adverts include: Pink #EB5297, Green #9FCC39, Purple #9369BF and Blue #1379F9. Sticking to these colors should improve the chances of making a realistic looking image.

At this point, you have created a fairly basic effect which is suitable for some uses, however, if you want more than the basic effect then there are more things that you can do.

Step 5: Adding a Shadow

Add a shadow to the image by holding down Control and clicking on the layer which has the black color adjustment. Now create a new layer under this layer by pressing Control, Alt, Shift and N. Press Control and D to set the background and foreground colors to the default values. Now press Alt and Backspace to fill the layer with black. Once you've finished, press Control and D again to deselect everything.

Now you simply need to transform the shadow layer by using free transform. Press Control and T to select free transform and then shrink and twist the image so that it is in the right position for a shadow. Add a layer mask and apply a gradient effect to complete the look of the shadow so that only the bottom section is visible.

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