The Key Features of Nikon Capture NX

Nikon Capture NX, for Mac and Microsoft operating systems, is software which helps capture and process pictures in an easy manner. Here is a list of some of the features that it possesses:

Image Formats

This software is easy to use and gives you access to tools intuitively. This software works efficiently with Electronic Format files of Nikon, as it helps them to enhance their capabilities. It has great quality output as far as processing and editing of TIFT or JPEG images is concerned. It works with Intel Xeon, PowerPC G4, Intel Core Duo, PowerPC G5 and Intel Core Duo 2. The software is compatible with many of the NiKon Cameras such as D70 and D2Hs.

System Requirements

The PC where you are planning to install the software should have a Central Processing unit of Pentium 3 or above with speed of 1 GHz. A minimum 256MB RAM is highly recommended before you install the software. However, you need a hard disk space of 200 MB for installation. The display quality of pictures is great at 800 X 600 pixels and 16 bit color.