The Best Places to Download iPhoto Free

iPhoto is a software program designed for Macintosh computers, and it's part of Apple's iLife software which also includes iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, and Garage Band. You can not legally download iPhoto 09 for free. If you have recently purchased a new Mac, then you will have iPhoto 09 and the rest of iLife 09 as standard software.

Downloading iPhoto

If you're using an older version and wish to upgrade, then you must buy the iLife 09 package from Apple for $79.00 here. If you already have iPhoto 09, you should download the latest update for free because technical glitches have been fixed. The update can be found on Apple's website. If you're thinking of buying iLife 09, but want to try it out first then visit this site for a free trial.

If you do not wish to purchase iLife 09, you can find older versions of iPhoto to download for free on the Internet. You can download iPhoto 4, released in 2004, for free here. iPhoto 4 is also available here for free.

Keep in mind that if you're looking for iPhoto 09, then you're going to have to buy it. Downloading it for free is considered pirating software and is illegal.

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