The Benefits of Makeup Pilot

Makeup Pilot is fully featured software for applying makeup on to your digital images. When used on a portrait photo, it can dramatically change the looks of the person with its array of cosmetic tools. The software is an ideal solution for removing all types of blemishes and retouching the skin. Makeup Pilot is available as a standalone as well as in a plug-in version.

Simple Controls

Makeup Pilot offers simple tools and controls for retouching the skin. You need to position your mouse cursor on the spot of blemish. The wheel of mouse can be moved to adjust the cursor size or you can use the cursor keys. The adjustment can be to a size which is little larger than the area of blemish you need to take out. Click and drag the mouse cursor over the area fully and you are done. The blemish is gone and you have the original skin color in its place.

Full Cosmetic Kit

The cosmetic makeup capabilities of this software cover almost everything. Apart from removing all types of blemishes from the skin, the software can also put make up on the lips, apply eye shadow and rouge, and whiten teeth. You can change the color of eyes and also contour, and lessen wrinkles and lines on the face, particularly surrounding the eyes, mouth area and neck.

Enhanced Editing Features

Apart from the cosmetic effects, Makeup Pilot can also effectively edit a photo. You can remove unwanted objects from a photo, like a wisp of hair that is dangling in front of the face. There are slider controls for adjusting the contrast and brightness of a photo, and you can also resize, crop and rotate the image. Old photo restoration features are also available.