The Basics: Creating Titles in Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro provides users with the capability of creating titles to include in their videos. Although there are several steps involve in creating titles, the application is not difficult to follow.

Why Use Titles

Creating titles provide users with the ability to be more creative and artistic with their videos or movies. Titles also provide bookends to a movie, as well as convey time and date.

All About the Fonts

The text generators in Final Cut Pro uses TrueType fonts so users who want to use special fonts may install them using the TrueType version of these fonts.

To create a good looking font for a title, users need to avoid fonts that are smaller or thinner than 25 point. Sans serif fonts are much better as title fonts. These include Arial, Futura, Gill Sans, Helvetica and Impact.

Users are also advised to use the bold style font and to avoid using black or white as a color font. There are several font colors available in Final Cut Pro so users can use one of those instead. Reducing the opacity of the text to 90% can also result in a much better title text.

Text Generators

There are several types of text generators users can utilize in Final Cut Pro. Some of these generators are:

  • Crawl, which generates a single line of text that moves horizontally across the screen
  • Lower 3rd, which allows the text to be placed on the lower third of the screen
  • Outline Text, which generates a static effect on the text with an outline

Fitting the Title to a Screen

In some cases, titles may come out of alignment once a video or movies is exported to another medium like a television screen or monitor. Final Cut Pro is able to assist users in ensuring that the title they made will fit on the screen.

The Title Safe indicator in this program limits any text users add to the space. The title safe boundary application in the Title Safe indicator helps restrict the length of the text. The title safe boundary is the minimum area to be displayed in a screen and is generally 20% smaller than the overall size of the frame.

How to Create Titles in Final Cut Pro

Creating titles on Final Cut Pro does not have to be hard. There are several steps to create titles in this program, however, each step is simple enough.

To create titles in this program, users need to select the text generator which is located at the Audio or Video tab in the Viewer. From the pop-up menu of the Generator, users can choose several text generators. The text generator can also be accessed by going through the Effects tab of the Browser and double clicking a text generator that they want to use.

After selecting the text generator, click the Controls tab on the Viewer. On the Text field, a user should type the text or title that one wants to use or appear in the movie or video.

There are also several settings available in addition to just simply adding in titles to a video. These settings allow users to manipulate the title text. These text generators include font and font color, font size, alignment and the origin of the text, which indicates the center of the text or title.

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