Text Editing in Xara Designer

Text editing is quite easy in Xara Designer, which is website designing software. All the text editing features are integrated in the Text Tool. Here are few basic steps to get you started.

Step 1: Select the Text Tool

The Text Tool icon is the capital letter "T" in the vertical menu bar on the left side of your screen. Click on this icon, and then click in the work area. You can start typing.

Step 2: Create a Text Column

To keep the text you are typing limited to a particular column width, click and drag horizontally in the work area. This will create your text column. You can also resize the column whenever you want by dragging on the end of the column marker and the text will arrange automatically to fit the column width.

Step 3: Create a Text Block

When you click in the work area and drag diagonally, you will create a frame for a text block. Whatever you type will be confined to the area of the block you created.

Step 4:  Resize Text

Click on the Selector Tool, and you will see the outline around your text. Pull on the corner handle to resize your text. This will also work in the columns and blocks your have created. Alternatively, you can select the text you want to alter, and in the Text Tool info bar, you can select the size.