Team Photographers: Using Digital Darkroom's Assembly Edition

There are many team photographers who choose to work together in a group to complete projects, putting up exhibits and even maintaining a website. Most are part of one photography company, although they usually have their own equipment. They do, however, have photography software made just for them, such as the Digital Darkroom’s Assembly Edition. Here are some of the reasons why they should give this software a try.

Workflow for Teams

The Direct Darkroom Assembly Edition was created especially for teams and groups of photographers who are looking for a direct purchase workflow that can interact with barcoders, scanners and burners for fast promotion and sales of their photos. It’s also a full-featured product that also facilitates a number of other useful functions.

Editing Features

Groups can edit and enhance their pictures directly from the Direct Darkroom Assembly Edition. They can use greenscreen functions and create sample products and sales presentations for events and exhibits. The program facilitates easy push-button print for different kinds of printers. And, there are more features they can manage and they can classify their work per photographer.

Upload and Print Online

The program offers print outsourcing and product fulfillment through instant Internet connectivity with over 200 Labtricity Labs. You can also make use of’s storefront and free Internet portfolios to display and publish the team’s work.