Teach Video Editing Using a DVD Maker

There are plenty of video editing features that can be used when using DVD Maker. DVD Maker is a piece of software released for Windows. This program can be used to create and edit videos as well as photo slide shows. It is possible to add and remove content, change the video and DVD settings and burn the movie to disc. For very advanced features, such as chroma key, additional software will be needed.

Step 1: Create a New File

Create a new file within the program. It is possible to add or remove content from existing projects or just create a new one. Select add items and browse until the desired picture or video is found. Then, select add. To select several different clips or pictures, hold the control key. To remove files, simply select the file and click on remove item.

Step 2: Rearrange the Files

Once the different files are in the movie, they can be rearranged. Click on the item that will be moved, and then click the move up or move down arrow until the file is moved. This is done by dragging and dropping the files until the desired order is achieved. 

Step 3: Choose a Video Option

Underneath the options link, different video options can be altered. There are many options including:

  • DVD playback
  • video format
  • aspect ratios
  • burning speed
  • site location

The DVD menu can be displayed directly when it is inserted into the player, or the menu can be displayed at the end of the movie. The video can also loop continuously until the menu button is pressed. The aspect ratio can be set for standard or widescreen and the video format can be NTSC, which is standard for the US, and PAL, which is standard in Europe. 

Step 4: Apply Menu Style

There are different menus that can be applied to the movie. The text of the menu can be changed. It is possible to alter the font color and font style. Type the movie title into the DVD title box. Create labels for the different scenes and enter in any notes. The menu can be checked by selecting the preview button. Change the text and when everything is done save the changes. It is possible to customize the background and foreground. Add a picture or choose a preset option. The menu can also play music and different buttons can be added. 

Step 5: Create Slideshow

It is also possible to create slideshows. Add music to those slides and alter the order of the pictures in the show. Change the length of the slide duration and music for each slide. The music can match the slide duration. It is also possible to zoom and pan through these pictures. 

Step 6: Burn the CD/DVD

Burning the movie or slideshow to a disc is easy. Put a blank DVD into the drive. The burn button is on the right hand corner in the bottom of the screen. Select it. During the burning process, a bar will show the % of burning that is complete. Once the first copy is burned, multiple copies can be created. Just insert a new blank disc. Now your movie can be played on computers, DVD players and more.