Tagging Photos in ACDSee Pro 3

Tagging photos is one of the most efficient ways to keep your personal images organized on your computer. You can use tagging to select which photos you want to keep from a large shoot where not every still is perfect. It's a quick way to sort out and work with the best materials you have. ACDSee Pro 3, a photo software program, makes it quick and easy for users to tag their work.

Viewing Your Photos in Manage Mode

Import your photos into ACDSee Pro 3. To begin tagging them, select 'Manage Mode' at the top of the screen. Find the folder that contains your new photos. You can scroll through the screen to view your photos by using either the mouse or the buttons on your keyboard. You can also adjust the zoom slider to increase or decrease the amount of thumbnails on the screen.

Tagging Photos

To tag a photo, just click on the small white square at the bottom right of the thumbnail. When the photo is tagged, a white check mark against an orange background will appear in the square. If you wish to untag the photo, just click on the square again. If you wish to use the keyboard short cut to tag a photo, you must first click on the thumbnail and then press the backslash key (\).

To display all of the tagged photos on your computer, click the 'Tagged' button at the bottom right of the screen. Please note that this will display all of the tagged photos on your computer and not just the ones in this folder.

Sorting out the Tagged Photos

Now that you have some choice photos tagged, it's time to get a more detailed look at them. Double click on the thumbnail to open the photo in 'View Mode'. This will allow you to choose if you really want it. If it's not a keeper, then all you have to do is untag it.

Isolating Your Tagged Photos

Now that you've tagged your best photos, it's time to move them into a new folder. While in 'Manage Mode,' click on 'Tagged' in the organize plane to display the tagged photos in that folder. Then, press ctrl + A to select them all. Next, click 'Edit'-> 'Move to Folder' to open the 'Move to Folder' dialogue box. Navigate your hard drive to find the folder that you wish to move your tagged photos to, and click 'OK'. It's that easy!