T-Shirt Factory: Using the Perfect Peel Paper

Using T-Shirt Factory to create custom T-shirts is a real joy. It's a very simple piece of software which can be used to perfect these beautiful pieces of artwork. To make your life even easier, it is possible to use perfect peel paper in conjunction with the software to speed up the whole process.

While there are plenty of different photo transfer products which can be used for T-shirts, Perfect Peel is one of the most successful. This ensures that you don't waste any of your precious blank T-shirts.

Designing Your T-Shirt

The first thing that you will need to do is design your T-shirt. T-Shirt Factory is one of the easiest pieces of software to use to create your own custom t-shirts. This makes it very easy to create professional looking t-shirts.The software will automatically create the mirror image so there's no need to flip the image.

Printing the Transfers

Next, you will need to read the instructions which came with the Perfect Peel Paper. This will tell you which way round to insert the paper. There will be a backing which should not be printed on. Depending on your printer, you will need to load the paper facing up or down. Test this on a piece of paper to make sure you know which way round to load the paper.

Once you have loaded the transfer paper correctly, you will then need to start printing. This is an easy process with T-Shirt Factory, as it's simply a matter of clicking File, Print and then following the onscreen instructions. If you have planned everything correctly, then it will fit perfectly on the paper.

Once the T-shirt transfers have been printed, you will then need to wait for it to dry. This will take longer than drying on a normal sheet of paper. It's important that it drys completely so that it can be transferred onto the T-shirt.

Cutting the Transfers

When you have allowed the transfer paper to dry, you should then cut around the transfers. Try to make the margin as even and small as possible. Using a pair of scissors to do this is normally possible, but you will need a steady hand and plenty of patience. This shouldn't be difficult to do. If you are working with complicated shapes, then it might require even more patience.

It will be easiest if you cut out the transfers roughly before smoothing out the edges. Remember to leave a margin all the way around the transfers so that they will be securely fixed to the shirts.

Ironing the Transfers

Put a firm sheet of cardboard inside your T-shirt where you want the transfer ti be positioned. Then, smooth out the fabric and iron it so that it's completely flat. Be careful though not to stretch the fabric. Then, position the transfer paper face down on your T-shirt. Use the iron without the steam on to gently iron the logo in position.

Allow the transfer to cool and then carefully peel away the backing to reveal your finished design. If all has gone well, then you should be happy.